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ill just stared in the mirror. Wouldn't you know it, of all the days to get a big, fat zit on  her nose. Knowing that no amount of makeup would make a difference, she gaped in horror, wishing she could just crawl back in bed and hide from the world until it went away. But that wasn't possible because today she had to close a deal with a new client, and to top it off, he seemed to be showing her more than just professional courtesy lately.

     Jill hurriedly pulled out a bottle from her medicine cabinet, opened it, put a pill in a cup and added a few drops of vinegar. She then taped it to the pimple and proceeded with her morning routine, all the while knowing that if this little trick didn't work, she'd lose the magic of the moment, and possibly the deal of the day.

     [It's a fact:  the self-consciousness that accompanies a bad complexion, coupled with the natural human instinct to avoid people with visible infection, leads to fewer opportunities, less success and more disappointments for the unattractive.]

     As Jill pulled into her parking space, a feeling of hope and dread came over her. She held her breath and removed the tape...and nearly yanked off the rear view mirror as she gave a yell for joy. It had worked and the day was saved.  Once again feeling attractive and a bit sassy over her triumph, Jill closed the deal and got asked out!

     So the question is: what did Jill use to thwart the ugly pimple?

     When you read my super-natural solution on page 55, you'll learn exactly what she pulled out of the medicine chest--and I'll bet you have some in yours too.


I can happily say that in the last 6 months, I have not had to deal with any blemishes. Not one pimple or blackhead. Not to mention, my skin just looks and feels healthier than it ever has before. No exaggerations.  Angela P.

I've had acne my whole life, and have tried many different skincare regimens to no avail. Thanks to you I'm finally free and clear. The anti-aging properties are an added bonus. My skin's never looked better.  Cindy W.

How to Get the Skin of Your Dreams

      Of course you want smooth, clear skin. Everyone does.

     But does it seem like your skin is falling apart in front of your eyes?  You don't know what to do?  Maybe it's been years since you had a "flawless" day...years without being happy with your own reflection?

     Don't give up. There's still hope for your skin even if you:

  •  Still break out
  •  Suffer from acne scars & discoloration
  •  Have deep wrinkles, lines, age spots, crepe papery or leathery skin
  •  Are worried about skin cancer
  •  Have ulta-sensitive skin
  •  Experience very dry or flakey skin
  •  See thinning and/or sagging
  •  Have loose skin from weight loss, pregnancy or steriod therapy

     If you contend with any of these then I have some important news for you...

     Technology is on your side! There's no reason to continue to let your face suffer the effects of misinformation and missing information. 

     I've got the answers you need, even if "nothing else works". You're NOT alone. I promise your situation is not unique and most of all, it's NOT hopeless.  Trust me, I know exactly how you feel.


"I can wholeheartedly recommend your advice.  I'm a 48 year old salon owner.  After ONLY 3 DAYS, I saw a noticeable difference in my skin and so did my clients.  They began complementing me on my makeup, but I had only changed my skin care routine, not my makeup.  The (prestigious brand) I've been using never gave me such amazing results."  Myriam S.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall...

     It can feel demoralizing and unfair to look in the mirror for 20 some years and still see the detestable blemishes and blotchiness with no sign that it will ever end. 

     It's hard to say which is worse, getting acne as a teenager or getting it as an adult. And when you factor in wrinkles on top of it--makeup can only hide so much!

     It's so hard to face the world when your face is a mess (glaring red bumps, lines & creases, uneven skin tone). It impacts every aspect of your life--deciding what to wear, dodging candid photo shots, going to job interviews or out on dates--and now you may be wondering if there will ever be a happy ending.

     If you're like most women, you're probably feeling frustrated and conflicted, not knowing what to do after so many broken promises. Maybe you're skeptical that anything can help at all, wondering if a dermatologist can wave a magic wand to grant your wish for gorgeous skin.

     After costly treatments, medications and lotions, most never experience lasting results, and many are left with side-effects that are not reimbursable. Wouldn't you like to see yourself riding off into the sunset with fabulous skin, instead of watching your dermatologist drive off into the sunset in a new beemer?!

Same Old Story...

      Does this sound familiar?  The standard skin care routine promoted by mothers, TV commercials and dermatologists alike:

  • lather up with a soap or gel that leaves skin tight and dry
  • scratch off dead skin cells with harsh abrasives
  • rub on some tingling toner so you can see dirt on your cotton ball
  • slather on petroleum sealant laced with perfume and a few vitamins
  • and if you have acne, whip out the benzoyle peroxide

     Results?  Dried out, wrinkled up, vitamin-deficient, oxygen-starved skin which is even more prone to inflammation and cellular breakdown. 

     Even worse, do nothing and see how that works. Natural aging is natural decaying. It turns grapes into raisins and plums into prunes. It can rot the skin with cancer and leave you pitted and scarred.

      At least, as a woman, you CAN hide a lot with makeup.  But how intimate can you get if you're worried about being seen without it?  You can't even enjoy a caress on the cheek!

     Some develop such a poor self-image that they suffer chronic depression, allow themselves to be abused or they withdraw from others and become sour and untouchable.  At that point, bad skin doesn't just ruin your day, it ruins your life.

Hi - I'm a 58 year old professional who has no time for extra pampering. I've been doing the anti-aging for about 2 months. I feel the results every day and I see them when I look in the mirror. The first thing I see is a healthy glow. Secondly, my skin is softer, yet tighter. Recently, friends and colleagues have told me that I look ten years younger in only two months! I feel rejuvenated.   Carol H.


 Wishful Thinking

     If you've been longing for a lovelier reflection in your mirror, you can either sit there and keep wishing away or you can take the steps to solve the problem and reverse the damage.  Toss the grocery list of excuses as to why you don't have time or money to pay better attention to it.  Stop wishing and make it happen!

     Smooth, radiant, supple skin is not just a fantasy that a few lucky women get to experience. 

     What have you tried so far?  Drugstore variety products, department store products and maybe doctor-recommended products?  Look in your cosmetic cemetary and see the remains of all your failed attempts to get a nice complexion. Why hasn't anything worked?    

     If you're like most women, you probably weren't taught the proper skin care basics at home or in school. You've been

  • learning on your own, gleaning what you could from women's magazines and infomercials. (Not the most reliable sources.)
  • trying to decipher labels and ingredients.  Products all start to look alike after a while. It's hard to tell if you're getting "coolaid" or "100% juice".
  • noticing the contradictions.  Hardly anyone agrees.  How do you know who to believe?  

     There are two main ways people usually learn: by trial and error or by finding out what people who are successful do.

Learn from my Experience

     How do I know what works?  Trial and Error, Observation and Research.  I've spent over a dozen years in the field, reading everything I could get my hands on in the Health and Wellness as well as Skin Care sectors, asking attractive women around the world what their skin care secrets are, scouring published medical articles, and deciphering ingredient lists.  Through the years I've discovered that: 

  •          most women cheat on their skin

  •    price doesn't indicate quality

  •         most skin care products are impotent; many do more harm than good

  •     it's never too late to restore suppleness to old leather

  •         it's much easier to preserve youthful skin than revive worn-out skin

  •         technology is on our side--we CAN reverse the damage!


Nothing's going to happen by just "wishing" it would go away.  Stop wasting time on half-hearted attempts to cure your acne and reverse aging.  Stop wasting money on products that CAN'T deliver the results you seek. You need to know the precise steps to take right now to take control and reverse and prevent further damage. 


I Can Help You 
STOP Aging Naturally and 

START Aging Super-Naturally

For over a decade I've counseled so many women like you who've been in a similar predicament.  I've learned a lot from clients just like you about what works and what doesn't work in trying to get rid of acne and undo the damage of years in the sun.  I've collected pages of testimonials from women who have used my advice and discovered the skin of their dreams.

If you're going to stop acne and aging, you need to:

  • Know that there's always hope that you can save your face
  • Avoid doing what hurts your largest organ
  • Learn what steps to take that have worked successfully for other women
  • Take immediate action to stop the deterioration and start moving forward.

Through the years, I've personally learned the hard way that perfect skin doesn't just happen overnight and that I can't pin the blame for all skin problems on faulty products or genetics.

The truth is, I had so much sun damage that I got crows feet at age 27.  Then a girlfriend let me in on the secret to her enviable skin (you'd be surprised how many women are doing this--over a million!) and I saw the difference immediately.

Extensive product research and education about skin function put me on the right track to beat acne too. I discovered that what I don't put on my skin matters just as much as what I do use on my skin.  Once I accepted that acne wasn't some ominous force attacking me from the outside, but was in reality my body's distress signal, I discovered 4 simple ways to identify and control acne triggers forever.

Beautiful skin is worth having. There's nothing better than getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror to see smooth, soft, radiant skin instead of new eruptions, the residual marks of healed ones and flakey scabs. I still experience some surprise when I touch my face--it's so soft and smooth, finally!  Even better, my college FaceBook friends comment how well I've aged!

Instead of covering-up, coping with or fretting about your skin condition, you now have the option to break free of the curse and reverse your course. Your skin is a window into your overall health. It has been trying to tell you this for years, but like most women, it never occurred to you that acne and wrinkles are "flashing warning lights".

Skin, like a fine silk gown, needs quality car--inside and out--to regain its natural beauty. And it will be beautiful again when you use my holistic, balanced approach to skin.

The good news for you is that it's never too late to change and to decide to do a "makeover" project on yourself. Your skin is as unique as your fingerprint, and the sooner you discover what your skin needs to be happy, the better!

But you have to take the first step before anything different can happen.

I want YOU to have what I have found to be attainable--even after years of acne--even after years of sun damage.  You will enjoy a face that is free of acne and signs of premature aging, skin that looks great without makeup, that radiates health and vitality. Beautiful, attractive, touchable skin and a more confident smile.


You can have it too. All you do is use the simple keys that I'll give you.


"For years I've had painful cysts on my chin and sometimes on my neck.  They'd just keep coming, stay forever and they'd leave such ugly marks once they finally healed.  Now they're gone in a day or two with no marks at all, thanks to you!  Even better, after using your analysis techniques, I think I've finally found what was causing them."  --Dawn C.

Who Needs SuperNatural Solutions?

If you've got "personality" lines from years of repetitive expressions

If you are suffering pimples, rashes or cysts

If your eyes look squinty even when there's no sun

If your lips look like you've been a smoker even when you haven't

If you have ultra-sensitive skin that most products irritate

If you have inherited light skin that burns easily

If you're blond with a history of sun damage

If you're dark-skinned and experience pigmentation problems

If you're seeing wrinkles before the age of 70

If you want to preserve your natural beauty and prevent natural decline

If you're concerned about sun damage that could lead to cancer

You Need What I've Got!

As you apply the principles and follow my recommendations, you will find your skin looks more gorgeous than you ever imagined.  As your skin's health improves, your mental outlook will also improve. You will notice that you like being touched, don't mind being stared at, and enjoy the compliments you receive.  "You look great!"  Self esteem returns, you feel more confident, and you CAN look like a million bucks!  Aren't those the things that you really want?

Check the Kind of Skin Improvement
You Want

Which of the following improvements do you want to see?

  No more inflammation

  Fewer wrinkles

  Thicker skin

  Smaller pores

  Less dryness

  Better tone and color

  Softer, smoother skin

  Tighter, firmer skin


What if you could have some or all of these things within two weeks' time?  What would it be worth to you?

"You know how gross we look in those department store dressing rooms.  Imagine my surprise when I glanced in the mirror and my skin actually looked GOOD!  I did a double-take, I couldn't believe it.  Only 3 days and I was glowing!  I'm telling everyone."   Erin M.

      I see a generation of women who are using outdated products, lack basic skin-sense, and don't have a clue about the diet/skin relationship.  I've got the information that women need when they "hit 40" and need to revise or completely overhaul their skin care plan.  Now you can have this too.


Read and Discover Skin Care Secrets You'll NEVER See in a Beauty Magazine:

How to become a savvy skin care consumer and weed out the hype.  Test your current products to see if they measure up.  page 45

What skin care companies don't want you to know: the "Dirty Dozen" ingredients that reep havoc with your skin.  page 34

Which available products can reverse wrinkles by nearly 70%.  page 49

The REAL reason why 95% of all acne systems fail...and exactly what you can do to be in the winning 5% from here on out.  page 24

Why teenage acne cures are forbidden for adults and what to do to get results.  page 19, 79

What top acne treatment has been shown to cause cancer.  page 38

Why antibiotics make acne worse and how to undo the damage.  page 110

How to know if you're smearing roadkill or afterbirth on your face.  page 42

The problem with home made "beauty products".  Which 3 things in your pantry to NEVER put on your skin.  page 41

4 effective ways to find your acne triggers and banish acne forever.  page 131

5 ememies of super-natural skin.  page 27

How to get anti-aging results as good as laser treatments without the risk and at a fraction of the cost.  page 48

How to hear what your skin is trying to tell you.  Learn how to decipher your skin's secret code.  page 128

The top 7 acne culprits and how stop being their victim.  page 24

The 4 deadly habits that rob you of your youth, inside and out.  page 83

How to erase years of free radical damage, even if you were a "sun goddess" or frequented tanning booths.  page 46

Secret remedy to tighten sagging skin from pregnancy, weight loss or steroid therapy. page 51

Tips for soothing and smoothing sensitive skin.  throughout

What to use on your skin to pump up collagen production over 300%.  page 48

Why 40 is the "magic" age (the closer you are, the more you need this book). page 14

4 foods that suck the life out of your skin.  page 91

How to cheat mother nature 90% of the time.  page 25

The top 10 foods that commonly cause acne. page 78

The top 7 herbs that fight acne. page 78

The 5 super-supplements that stop breakouts and remove wrinkles from the inside out.  page 111

Which common houseplant clears acne and wrinkles and reenergizes you at the same time.  page 53

Which common supplement you can add to your face cream that will erase years of sun damage and make your skin baby-smooth overnight.  It even controls acne!  page 113

What to use to stop cystic acne overnight, while you sleep.  page 124

The 9 essential non-prescription collagen-producing ingredients and where to find products that use them all.  page 53

All this and more in over 150 pages of easy-to-read,
fun & fact-filled, fully-footnoted, beauty revelation.

In seconds you can have it all at your fingertips. In the amount of time it would take you to get in to see a dermatologist, you can already be seeing results.




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I am so confident that you will receive such tremendous benefit from this book
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To be honest with you, I thought all this "miracle food" stuff was a bunch of hype. After all, eating a colorful, varied diet that's close to the earth should provide what we need to stay strong and healthy, right?

After doing my homework, I've made some fascinating discoveries about certain foods and their super-hero powers in our bodies.

And the best part is they are 100% natural and they taste GREAT.

Here's what you'll learn...
  • THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH springs from this small red berry that has 500 TIMES MORE VITAMIN C THAN ORANGES and even MORE BETA-CAROTENE THAN CARROTS! Improves Eyesight, Cuts Cancer, Increases Libido--it's NATURE'S VIAGRA! Eaten daily by Li Ching Yuen, WHO LIVED TO THE AGE OF 252!!
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  • NATURE'S GOLD, the Superfood eaten by Ancient Olympic Athletes and today's Sports Professionals alike. "The Greatest Body Builder on Earth" is proven to BOOST STRENGTH and STAMINA while BEAUTIFYING the Skin--Natural Collagen Source for wrinkle-free complexion. Better than Botox or Collagen Injections. The ultimate in ANTI-AGING!
  • The HEAT-INDUCING chemical in this vegetable Reduces Appetite, Burns Fat, Relieves Sinusitis & Migraines, Reduces Pain and Arthritis, Improves Circulation, Protects against Stomach Ulcers and Stifles the Growth of Cancer cells!! Hailed in the Perricone Diet. 
  • And much more

Meals to Satiate your Mind, Body & Soul
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Let's face it, EVERYONE has to eat! Why waste calories on less-than-satisfying meals made with impotent foods when you can enjoy a near-spiritual experience with your food while absorbing their miraculous powers!

What better way to satisfy your mind, body and soul than to make delicious, aromatic dishes that will satisfy and delight the senses while also imparting healthy nutrients and super-powerful bio-chemicals that improve mood, desire, and physical stamina.

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman's heart is through her nose. These divine dishes are designed to please both sexes, while helping achieve a healthy lifestyle. We all want to live longer, healthier, active, pain-free lives. Eating super-naturally can help you achieve that goal.

  • Heart-healthy meals, snacks and shakes
  • Recreate leftovers with new pizzazz
  • Secret to low-glycemic, protein-rich cookies and cakes
  • Substitution options to give recipes a new taste-twist

Bonus 6: 
Super-Natural Beauty Secrets 
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Think about how much you love to get a tip that will save you time or money.  Well, these secrets will do that and much, much more! 

Find shortcuts to ageless beauty the natural way with this comprehensive list of over 100 beauty topics, complete with before/after photos. 

Tired of walking out of the salon, knowing you'll never be able to recreate the style? Never again. This book walks you through all the steps necessary to get the results you want. You may even surprise yourself with how perfect you look! 

Starting the day looking GOOD, improves your chances of having an awesome day!

You'll learn...

  • Up-to-date lipstick and eyeliner rules.
  • How to give yourself an awesome blow-out.
  • Which ancient exfoliating technique will revive your skin, brighten its tone, and improve its texture, while essentially self-moisturizing the skin.  Even decreases cellulite deposits!
  • Kitchen remedies, minus the mess.
  • The tricks to getting stronger, glossier hair and nails.
  • Secrets to a sexier, more youthful face and body.
  • And much more...
Beauty may only be skin deep, but even that takes work! Here you'll find an extensive guide to self-maintenance. Tips and tricks, products, tools and techniques that give you the polished look and feel of a super-model.

Bonus 7:
101 Motivational Quotes
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Just a little extra inspiration can help you stay on track with your new goals and aspirations. Read a quote a day, memorize it if you like, and share it with a few people. You'll find that staying motivated is the key to staying on track. 

Enjoy life more as you accomplish more and see the fruits of your labor. Recreating the ideal YOU starts with rewiring your thought processes. These words of wisdom will help you do just that!

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When you LOOK good, you FEEL sexier. I'm including this book because it can help bring about a transformation in your love life--so much so that you may develop a perpetual "after-glow" from all the extra lovin'.   There's no one more beautiful than a woman in love.

Women want romance to the same degree men want sex. But romance doesn't come easy to all men. That's where this book can help.

As you revitalize yourself using the information in my Super-Natural books, why not revitalize your passion! Pass this book on to your partner and benefit from tips like these:

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There are 99 MORE WAYS to express love and appreciation in creative and unique ways:

  • A unique "twist" to buying flowers (idea #3)
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  • 7 'seldom used' words that really touch the heart (idea #14)
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